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Nov 04 2014

What’s story? Please share story to inspire, uplift, and encourage others.

Patient 1

Nov 03 2014

Patient 1 Dear Dr. Moore, Thank you so much for today! I have never had a doctor actually look through my paperwork…

Patient 2

Nov 02 2014

Patient 2 Dr. Krishnan, On Monday, September 9th, my mother passed from this life to the next. She was prepared and ready…

Patient 3

Nov 01 2014

Patient 3 To Whom It May Concern: When you usually hear it is time for your colonoscopy, you do not respond with…

Patient 4

Oct 31 2014

Patient 4 When my family doctor recommended a colonoscopy based on my age, I was a little apprehensive about this invasive procedure.…

Patient 5

Oct 30 2014

Patient 5 Dear Jamie Thompson, My appreciation for what you have done for us through this disease goes beyond what words can…

Patient 6

Oct 29 2014

Patient 6 I would like to bring to your attention one of the nurses in your department; Beatrix Richard. A month earlier…

Patient 7

Oct 27 2014

Patient 7 A wonderful visit at a Doctor’s Office? Really? YES, really! After a life threatening surgery, I was weak and felt…

Patient 8

Oct 26 2014

Patient 8 Dear Dr. Krishnan: I was referred to you months ago by my primary care physician, Dr. Sridhar Reddy, M.D., in…

Patient 9

Oct 26 2014

Patient 9 Hi Jamie, You never met me. I am the mother of patient 9 who you helped. I’m just writing to…

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