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IOSE – a comprehensive interventional endoscopy program



IOSE – stands for Interventional Oncology & Surgical Endoscopy. Led by renowned Interventional Endoscopist, Dr. Neil Sharma in Colorado Springs and Denver, IOSE is focused on tertiary care workups, second opinions, and minimally invasive interventional endoscopy procedures. We perform a myriad of complex endoscopic procedures with proficiency and expertise.

Why should I choose to receive treatment here?

We perform a variety of procedures and are involved with multiple research studies and publications in the field of GI oncology and interventional endoscopy and are dedicated to the pursuit of academic medicine and advancement of the field of interventional endoscopy.

This is balanced by our commitment to clinical medicine, optimal patient experience, and close collaboration and feedback to referring gastroenterologists, oncologists, and surgeons.

IOSE procedures are typically covered by insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

Conditions & Procedures

Conditions We Treat with IOSE
  • Bile duct stones/biliary drainage
  • Pancreatitis & pancreatic necrosis
  • Pancreatic cancer screening for high risk patients
  • Esophageal masses/cancers
  • Jaundice/abnormal bile ducts on imaging/cholangiocarcinoma/PSC
  • Pancreatic masses/cancers
  • Liver masses
  • Pancreatic cysts
  • Gastric masses/cancers
  • Barrett’s esophagus
  • Large colon adenomas/polyp
  • Ampullary masses & biliary masses
  • Zenker’s
  • Esophageal strictures
  • Duodenal masses
  • Achalasia
  • Subepithelial masses found on endoscopy
  • Patients with weight regain after gastric bypass (roux en y)
Procedures We Perform
IOSE Procedures

Benefits for Referring Partners

IOSE is a supportive program for gastroenterologists, oncologists, hepatobiliary/thoracic/bariatric/colorectal/general surgeons, and primary care physicians. Our goal is to leverage our expertise to help you care for your patients and participate in their care in a collaborative manner – ideally getting them back in your hands for longitudinal care.

We provide unrivaled care for all foregut & pancreaticobiliary cancers. Referred patients will have a complete workup performed and will be referred to appropriate other specialists based on your preferences and patient feedback. We perform complete staging, treatment, and palliative treatments. We also participated and helped create multidisciplinary teams in oncology and complex pancreaticobiliary/foregut care to optimize patient outcomes.

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